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Just wanted you and the others to know, we enjoyed the Shale Gas Play. We have been going to the shale gas meetings ever since Mr. Texas told us, in a public meeting in Rexton, that tap water catching on fire was a natural phenonemon … well, maybe in Texas. Shale gas will change our environment forever, so the play is just exactly the info that needs to be discussed, especially among those who will not be interested in the topic at all.

Thanks for all the hard work, and all the resulting enjoyment we, the audience get. – N


(quoted from Jason Lawson’s Blog)


Speaking of foolishness and all things funny, I took in “Mrs. Killam’s Shale Gas Play” this weekend. It was a pleasure to be entertained by great actors, singers and musicians, making light of a subject that is really quite serious. The entire event was well organized and enjoyed by all who attended. Everyone involved deserves a huge clap on the back. Way to go folks! – Jason Lawson