Past Shows

Mrs. Killem’s Shale Gas Play
2012: Time’s Up
Can A Worm? (It’s All About The Money)
Can A Worm Too? (It’s All About The Family)
Can A Worm III? (It’s All About The Power)

An Irish Jubilee
The Beirdo Bros.
The “Clean Up”
Itchy, Snitchy & Boo
Kent Co. Folk Festival d’Habitant Kent
Kingston Tea
Maritime Music Show
Scenes For Young Actors: A One Act Play
Old Time Square Dance (With Bert & The Boys Plus Others)
Rogue Elephants

Fisherman’s Feast
A Sense of Rumour
Half A Wake
Those Were The Daze
Keep’er Between The Ditches

We’ll Meet Again
Back To Kingston
Brylcreem & Bobby Sox
The Mousetrap
Think Again
His Own Boss
Shortest Distance Between Two Points
Please No Flowers

1 thought on “Past Shows

  1. Looking for anything on the “Back to Kingston” script. In particular the Child’s Creek incident, involving my great grandfather Fred Hebert.

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