Past Shows

Mrs. Killem’s Shale Gas Play
2012: Time’s Up
Can A Worm? (It’s All About The Money)
Can A Worm Too? (It’s All About The Family)
Can A Worm III? (It’s All About The Power)

An Irish Jubilee
The Beirdo Bros.
The “Clean Up”
Itchy, Snitchy & Boo
Kent Co. Folk Festival d’Habitant Kent
Kingston Tea
Maritime Music Show
Scenes For Young Actors: A One Act Play
Old Time Square Dance (With Bert & The Boys Plus Others)
Rogue Elephants

Fisherman’s Feast
A Sense of Rumour
Half A Wake
Those Were The Daze
Keep’er Between The Ditches

We’ll Meet Again
Back To Kingston
Brylcreem & Bobby Sox
The Mousetrap
Think Again
His Own Boss
Shortest Distance Between Two Points
Please No Flowers

One thought on “Past Shows

  1. Looking for anything on the “Back to Kingston” script. In particular the Child’s Creek incident, involving my great grandfather Fred Hebert.

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